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Check the front page for the daily SURF REPORT from Point Blanche.

There are many shops in Sint Maarten/Saint Martin that sell surf wear, fins and boogie boards. There is only one place here to buy a long or short board now. That's at SURF'ACE surfboard store in Marigot on the French side.

Pt. Blanche Bay has a little beach that has sand and rocks. It's not a 'commercial beach' but there's a small grocery sStore is just ¼ mile away with drinks, cold beer and ice. Hong Mian Chinese Restaurant is ½ mile away.

DIRECTIONS to Point Blanche along with map links.

Aerial View of Point Blanche using space technology.

Wind Adventures has the kitesurfing information for nearby beaches.

The other beaches on St. Maarten are listed at St. Maarten.net's beach page.

Next to Orient Beach is Le Galion where you can swim or kite surf or paddle board.   Le Galion Map.



A NEW MOON = HIGH WAVES! So pay attention to the moon.
More info on the moon/tide effect.

Some giant waves may appear during the Proxigean Tides and this site has the calendar of the next ones due. The next one is Jan. 30, 2010.

For current wind conditions here see WindFinder.com.

The tides here are not too significant. They are variable though.

Caribbean tides show more variations than Gulf tides, but are small in amplitude, less than 50 cm, and *diurnal tides are prominent. In the eastern Caribbean, the tides at St. Croix, Virgin Islands, and at Willemstad, Nederlandse Antillen, are almost entirely diurnal, like Gulf tides. The amplitude of the spring tide is about 40 cm, and of the neap tide, 15 to 20 cm at both locations. High spring tide at St. Croix occurs about 3 hours earlier than at Willemstad, but low tide about 2h 20m later. As the amplitude of the diurnal tide decreases and the small semidiurnal tide increases at neap tides, the time sequence may vary irregularly. The tides are not simultaneous, as in the Gulf. -- from J. B. Calvert
*Diurnal means once a day.

St. John, VI has the nearest tide data collection info if you need up to date area details. And caricoos.org has more real time tide data.
See NOAA's East Caribbean site for wave direcion picture.
Here's the Wind Report from the US Navy.
LOCAL SHARK INFO They are rare in this bay but in 2010 we saw a shark, over 5 ft. in length, swimming across the bay in shallow water.
Possibly a tiger shark.

There was expansion of the sand bar across the middle of the bay that was attractive to sharks. It washed out in the turbulent wave action in July.

Here is some useful info:
        How to prevent a shark attack
        How to survive a shark attack
St. Maarten is 108 miles from Montserrat. It has an active volcano still and seismic activity from that may mean wicked surf.... or it could bring a Tsunami. So keep up with this surf report! The Montserrat Volcano Observatory monitors the Soufriere Hills volcano.
The current hazard level is  

The Kick 'Em Jenny volcano way down by Grenada has been active. If it rumbles it can make big waves on St. Maarten.

On the geophysical front there's also the effects of climate change on the sea to consider. the Wilkins Ice Shelf broke off from Antartica.

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