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The samples on this page are mostly from
Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours

They are made using the Dev-C++ compiler from Bloodshed
Arrays, Loops and Basics
These are beginner samples. I hope to learn more advanced skills. - M.T.

These samples are from textbook work I did. They aren't from the publisher. They have a few comments that differ. The code has a line "system pause" before the "return zero" at the end so they will function in IE.
The Sams file refers to "Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours" by Sams Publishing.

  1. Download this small ZIP folder - Demystify - simple code samples

  2. Download this big folder (over 1 MB) - Sams - more complex samples

The kids on Elm Street are selling lemonade.
They all live on three blocks (500, 600 & 700) of the the street.
If they sell $100 of lemonade they get a T-shirt.

  1. Test 1 - A simple file on one lemonade stand minder.

  2. Test 2 - The whole list of lemonade stand minders with more information.

  3. Test 2 All Staff - All of the stand minders with which block they live on and if they sold
    enough lemonade ($100) to earn a T-shirt.



Some simple applications. Open the .exe file in the zip folder.
Watch Homer the dog - APP
Watch a tiny train - Train 1
Move a train - Train 2 contact

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