St. Maarten, N.A.
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Surfing conditions updated here for the bay at Pt. Blanche.
Short board surfing is best for this small bay.

Forget surfing in Point Blanche -

Positively choking in stinky, stinky seaweed! There's a huge amount of seaweed in the bay. The beach is layered with over 2 meters high pile of it. Way too much churned up seaweed is in the bay and the beach is full of rocks.
So keep away until better conditions return.

Guana Bay is way full of seaweed too. The other side (north) of St. Maarten will be better for surfing.

Seaweed PHOTOS

Guana Bay - sad to report the Cantina has closed.

More about the seaweed problem here.

Stay tuned....

Recent update on the condition of the bottom of the bay:
-- no info right now.
The east side of the bay has sea urchins so watch your step.

So far no lionfish have been spotted on this side of St. Maarten.
Any news about that will be reported here.
The first aid for their sting is to apply heat to the area (on your way to the emergency room).

Pt. Blanche Bay pelican report
We had a several this week. Fishing seems good for the birds.

MORE local surfing info.....



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