St. Maarten, N.A.
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Surfing conditions updated here for the bay at Pt. Blanche.
Short board surfing is best for this small bay.
Surf is up then calms down. . . . There has been a big improvement in the sea-weed situation. Now it is variable and we have some clean sand on the beach. This seaweed inundation has been going on for about 2 years. If the sea weed appears at Point Blanche check other beaches. Try Orient Bay for instance.

The big rock where pelicans would sit was split in two by Irma.

Le Galion (next to Orient Bay) is good for kite-board surfing and wind surfing and paddleboarding. Bring your own equipment.
WINDY REEF has a kite-surfing workshop there every day at 9 am. Look for their black flag.
They offer surf lesson or rental every at 10 am or 2 pm.
Check them out at Windy - for more join the messenger group, ' SXM SURF NEWS '
Bring your own food/drinks. Lots of parking available and the road is in good condition.

Guana Bay is OK for surfing. But watch the heavy waves. They can be dangerous there.

Stay tuned....

Recent update on the condition of the bottom of the bay:
The big waves are making sort of a sandbar about 20 feet from shore.
The east side of the bay has sea urchins so watch your step.

So far no lionfish have been spotted on this side of St. Maarten.
Any news about that will be reported here.
The first aid for their sting is to apply heat to the area (on your way to the emergency room).

Pt. Blanche Bay pelican report
We had a several this week. Fishing seems good for the birds.

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